Saturday, 30 June 2007

Compost Making Update: 30 Jun 07

It's been nearly 3 weeks but today was the first opportunity I've had to turn the compost.

We've had very little rain over here and it was quite dry in places but most of it is breaking down nicely.

The dryer sections were placed to the centre of the heap and sprinkled with blood and bone and watered with diluted seaweed extract and fish emulsion.

The only recognisable bits left was the straw and that is well on it's way too.
I covered it up again as the nights are still cold, but if we ever get more than 1 mm of rain in a day I'll take them off to give it a good soaking!

It's already smelling very composty, not offensive at all.

Click Here for the 'How To' on building this Compost Heap.


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