Sunday, 6 May 2007

Warm Autumn

Last weeks rain has triggered off some amazing growth. The soil is still warm, although it is officially just over 3 weeks until winter. The day temperatures are remaining high (ish) in the low 20Cs and this is keeping growth moving.
Night temperatures are on their way down however and Jack Frost is not very far away. In fact frosts are hinted at for the end of this week and this time I think the forecasters will be right.

The fruit trees are slowly changing colour and beginning their dormant phase for winter. Some years this seems to almost happen overnight.

Since re-building the Strawberry Bed meant removing the tyres I now need to keep the bed warm through winter. They shouldn't be damaged by frosts but I want them to keep growing and possibly set fruit. Some of the plants are already flowering.
I have used a plastic cloche on the bed that was part of a set I bought a while ago.

This morning I spent most of my time
weeding (and discovering volunteer plants as well)...
removing the fence from Chippee's old run (and setting up in another area to keep the new chooks out of the veg garden)...
and with Doc's help removing and folding up the shade cloth from the structures. The hoops can stay in place until summer and I've labelled the shade cloth so that I can get an early start with shade coverups next season.

These warm days are a real bonus for us southerners in Australia. Often by now the frosts have begun and plant growth all but stops until spring.

These Broadbeans in Bed 6 are almost the same size now, that last years were in Spring.

These Tree Onions can already be used as spring onions...

and these cheerful Feverfew flowers continue to brighten up the garden.

This photo shows the Autumn Vegetable Garden with the Strawberry cloche and the Straw Bale shelter in place on bed 3.


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