Thursday, 31 May 2007

Onions In May

Last weekend I prepared Bed 5 for onions. Some Brown Seedlings and Gladalan White home grown seedlings.
I still had enough inline dripper hose (15cm spacings) left to make 3 rows. I just moved aside the mulch layer and hoed the soil with the 3 pronged claw hoe in 3 different directions and watered in the evening.

Next morning I planted out almost 60 onion seedlings into bed 5.
This is an experiment as Brown onions (long keepers) aren’t usually planted till after the winter solstice but when I did that last year the onions didn’t grow very big or well at all. This year the weather is still being crazy but it is cooling now. It also has raining this week so I am trialling planting purchased seedlings now. If they fail to bulb up I can always use them as Spring Onions…

These Red Odourless Onions planted last month in Bed 3 are enjoying the rain and growing well!


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