Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Journal Notes for April 07

Friday 6th April Min 9.1°C Max 21.8°C
8 Eggs
Dug up and divided Strawberry plants to keep
Took cutting of Feverfew to re-plant as Companions for the Strawberries
See also blog entry
Herb spiral Re-Vamp

Monday 9th April Min 7.9°C Max 28.6°C
10 Eggs
Pulled up Strawberry plants and removed the tyres. These tyres have been placed around the Seedless Valencia Orange tree planted last spring by Shadehouse 1.
They have been placed in an arc on the south side to provide a heat bank. They will be filled with soil and weeds as the rotting greenery will add heat. I will also put 2 or 3 20 litre drums of water here for extra warmth and hopefully to keep the frost off the tree.
The Tangelo in the Almond Area will have some straw bales arranged the same way. This will allow for a sheet of plastic to be thrown over the tree if there is a risk of heavy frost.
The Eureka Lemon Tree in the Pussy Willow bed has a shade cloth wind protector that kept off the hot north wind in summer.
This has been moved to the opposite side to keep the cold south winds off in winter. I will also put 1 or 2 water drums here too for warmth and this area has large bushes of Lavender to protect it with a Tree Wormwood hedge on it’s south side.

Wednesday 18th April Min 4.6°C Max 22.9°C
7 Eggs
Bought a new Digital Camera and had to go out and play!!
New digital camera

Friday 20th April Min 7.3°C Max 27.6°C
8 Eggs
Moved the top (weedy) layer of soil in the new Dog Pen Shadehouse to the centre where the rain drips.
This area was covered with plastic (re-used potting mix bags) and topped with Crusher Dust (Thanks Doc).
Then barrows of topsoil were brought in (thanks again Doc) and spread around this mound. Rocks were placed around the edge of the mound to make it a pathway.
A mixture of potting mix, soaked coir (coco-peat) and topsoil was added on top and a few flat stepping stones put over the area.

Later I topped up the Strawberry bed with topsoil and a mixture of soaked coir top soil and some acid potting mix I had left over.
I then attached more of the in-line drippers here and a length of hose for drippers to the Companion Plants Feverfew and Borage (also Lettuce and Spinach)
Some of the acid mixture was used to re-pot the Cranberry plant I got as a freebie from Diggers last year. I used this mixture because cranberries prefer acid soil and our garden soil is fairly alkaline.

See entry Strawberry Bed Re-Vamp

Tuesday 24th April Min 11°C Max 19.7°C
Very light drizzle during day.
7 Eggs
Picked the Moon and Stars Watermelons and cleared that end of Bed 4. Extended the in-line drippers from the early Garlic and shaped the bed for onions. Planted Odourless Red Onion seedlings and one row of White onions. Weeded and fed Garlic with Blood and Bone ready for promised rains. Weeded Beds 7&8 and dug up Catnip self seeders from there. The ground here was scuffled and sprinkled with Blood and Bone as was most of the garden ready for the rain. Doc moved rest of crusher dust pile to small pathways around the garden as it tends to solidify after rain.

See also Garden log 26 Apr 07 where I prepared for the coming rain! It came!!
From the chart you can see that temps are on their way down. (Click on the picture to enlarge it) Note the temps on Thursday 26 Apr min 14.7°C max 15.7°C. Good hey!

Total of 230 eggs from the new girls that are starting to go into moult the old girls haven't started laying again yet!

Up until the 20th Apr we’d only managed to scrape up 2 mm of rain but on the 26th it started to rain and by 30th we’d had a total of 30mm our average for April is around 22mm so it was good to get above average again this year!


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