Sunday, 20 May 2007

Garden Log 20 May 07

Two very loud early morning thunderstorms this week dropped 20mm of rain on the garden and just as well because until that we hadn't had any rain this month. Looks like more to come this week too.

The nights are really cooling down now and minimums are around 5C. So we still haven't had that first frost. In his latest Long Range Weather Forecast Kevin Irvine said that "temperatures for the next three months will be two degrees above average" so that should make for an interesting winter this year.

He also indicated that there should be more rain than last year. Our total rainfall for this year to date is 182mm which is more than twice our average for this time of year of 84.9mm so it looks like a good season for the farmers. They need one after the last few very dry years.
With the rain and warm(ish) temperatures still hanging round the garden is growing away happily.

In a sheltered Tank Bed the Lipstick Pimento Capsicums are still forming
and very slowly ripening.

Under the Back Pergola there is a tub of Strawberries
that are flowering and setting fruit...

the new bed out in the Main Vegetable Garden was mulched
with some old straw last week to keep in the moisture from the rains,
they are nicely tucked up in their little plastic tunnel.
So I'm hopeful of some fruit from there soon too!

Leaves are very slowly turning colour and falling this year
and the Asparagus is just turning yellow,
waiting to be cut to the ground and fed and mulched for winter.

The Red Cloud Tomatoes are still hanging on in Bed 3.
I have added a length of plastic over them too.
There are some tomatoes there but I'll have to bring them inside to ripen.

Autumn here means toadstools in the garden,
out on farms there are lots of mushrooms
but I won't be eating these,
just photographing them!

Not a great deal of planting happening at the moment
just some Coloured Loose Leaf Lettuces to pot up
and put in the hot house to move them along
until they're big enough to plant out.


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