Saturday, 26 May 2007

First Frost Today

Yesterday's minimum temperature fell to 0C and this morning's went down to -2C so it looks like the frosts have started.

This is the thermometer under the back pergola. It is usually 2-3 degrees warmer there than out in the open. The bottom of the blue line indicates the minimum temp.
We've been expecting this for over a month as our usual first frost can be expected any time after ANZAC Day (25th April).

It was cold enough this morning to put a thin layer of ice on any container holding water, in fact that was the first I knew of it. The mornings have been getting chilly all week and being Saturday I wasn't up as early as usual.

It was after 9 am when I noticed the ice in the water bowl I leave out for birds and other wildlife that visit the vegetable garden.
The only damage I noticed was a small Basil plant that was bravely growing on Bed 6 but Basil season has finished now and although the Tomatoes under plastic in Bed 3 survived I shall pick these and see if they will ripen indoors now.

Luckily I have already started putting the plastic tarp covers over the windows of my hothouse so everything inside was snug with the temp only dropping to about 5C. While this is not very warm it is enough to keep the frosts off.


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