Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Chook House Fun

After the recent rain we've had a few beautiful Autumn days. Just right for getting out and cleaning the chook house out.
The last five days of dark drizzly weather meant the cover was over their window all day. It desperately needed some air!

With mud around their nest box gets grubby too.
Most of the straw bales are wet now or being used in the garden so I found a spare bag of shredded paper to use. This was dry and makes a good nest liner. It also breaks down fast out in the garden when there's rain around.

Autumn in the chook run also means moulting chooks. Poor old Gingy was feeling self conscious about being photographed in her present state!

She really isn't that bad, we've had other chooks lose many more feathers than that!

In their 'pergola area' where I make garden mulch in summer I am now making compost. After using the removal boxes under the crusher dust for pathways we had a load of packing paper left. When we knew the recent rain was coming we put some of this into the pergola area.

It's all wet now and able to be shredded up by the chooks. I'll add kitchen and garden scraps as well as some straw from the chookhouse and they'll turn it into compost fairly fast. Sprinkling the occasional handful of grain gets the girls interested again if I find they haven't been working.

It certainly saves me turning compost piles every few weeks!


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