Saturday, 12 May 2007

Autumn Dog Pen Gardens

When we arrived here we set aside an area on the south side of the house, for our two dogs. We called it the Dog Pen. Since the death of our beloved German Shepherd Pip a few years ago we have changed this area completely.


Lucky Dog doesn't need quite so much room now and the area under the old Almond and Mulberry trees is very cool in summer.
After planting this area with Tagasaste, saltbushes and other chook forage plants we extended the chook runs to include some of this area.
The rest of the area has been developed as a sheltered human food area. Close to the backdoor and Pergola areas (where Doc's BBQ lives) we have chosen plants that are grown for easy picking.
Two beds have been raised using old sleepers and another area with old water tanks that have been cut down. In these areas I grow herbs for frequent picking, Salad Greens, Spring Onions and soon will plant Loose Leaved Lettuces.

This summer we added the shade structure over the Tank Beds and also built a new Shade House near the Bedroom window to cool the air entering the house on this the Southern side.

The plants in these areas vary from season to season so I make a planting plan for in here.

Please click on the plan to read it.

The low vegetable bed the fence at the back is used as a trellis.

In between the two raised beds I have filled with tyres.

The 'dry herb' bed is close to a large Eucalypt that saps all the water so these herbs were chosen because they can thrive on less water.

The tank beds on the East end.

Tank beds on the West end.


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