Tuesday, 3 April 2007

March Journal Notes

These are notes from my garden journal.
I usually add these to my Glog (garden blog) on ALS but they are winding these down soon so I’ll just put a link on there to this post!
Most of my journal is written up my here on my Blog so I’ll add the links.

Thursday 1st March Min 14.7°C Max 34.1°C
6 Eggs
Blog entry In-line drip system

Wednesday 7th March Min 12.2°C Max 30.4°C
10 Eggs
Blog entry Log 7 Mar 07

Sunday 11th March Min 14°C Max 27.1°C
10 Eggs
Bog entry Transplants and Planting

Thursday 15th March Min 19.4°C Max 35.1°C
0.2mm Rain
10 Eggs

Garden Club this month for roll call was to name the varieties of lavenders in our gardens. Most people have the hardy varieties and said that the ‘prettier’ butterfly types were not as hardy.

There was news of the next Garden Clubs of Australia Zone get together being held in Pt Augusta in April so I will be attending that as it is on a Saturday. The day includes some garden tours and a meal so should be fun.

The discussion was members favourite or unusual plants we have growing and there were some interesting ones.

M chose Lemon Verbena and told of its uses as a tea and culinary flavouring.

J told of a Nemathanthus that she lost in the frost last year fortunately she had previously given me a piece of it and mine survived so I will be able to give her some back.

V had a hint of putting Epsom Salts around a maidenhair fern that she had been given as a present from one of the patients in the hospital she used to work in. She struggled in to the meeting with an enormous pot of the most wonderful fern you could imagine.

Others spoke about sunflowers and grevilleas and nasturtiums and my plant was the Strawberry Spinach I grow.

It was a very interesting meeting showing we don’t always need a guest speaker.

Friday 16th March Min 18°C Max 29°C
11 Eggs
Blog entry New Growth

Saturday 17th March Min 12.5°C Max 25°C
10 Eggs
8.5mm Rain
Blog entry Moon Planting

Wednesday 21st March Min 14.7°C Max 26.2°C
10 Eggs
Blog entry Log 21 Mar 07

Thursday 22nd March Min 16.6°C Max 34°C
1mm Rain
11 Eggs
Blog entry Log 22 Mar 07

Friday 30th March Min 7.5°C Max 20°C
.5mm Rain
11 Eggs
Blog entry Log 29 Mar 07

I usually add a summary of Egg Totals and Weather details here:

300 eggs from the new girls the old girls laid some hidden in the bushes and then went broody so I won’t count theirs! I gave them to the dog!
The rest of the old girls are moulting.
Two chooks died this month one of the new girls and old Tippee.

Lowest Minimum Temp was 6.1C
Highest Maximum Temp was 37.6C
Lowest maximum Temp was 16.6C. This shows how our days are cooling down!

Rainfall total was 35mm for the month with the average being 16.0mm

The photo below is a Temperature Chart from the Weather Bureau’s nearest weather station 10kms away.
Click to enlarge to read it!


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