Friday, 6 April 2007

Herb Spiral Re-vamp

When our Double Herb Spiral was built in 1999 and Kangaroo Apple Trees (Solanum aviculare) were chosen as the centre plantings.

One of these trees blew over within a couple of years and was replaced with a Bay Tree which has continued to grow slowly but steadily.

The other Solanum grew very strongly resulting in most of the herbs at its base dying off through lack of water. It was shading the North facing window and kept the worst of the heat out of the room nearby so we were reluctant to remove it.

The heavy rains in January this year must have loosened the root system as a strong wind soon after resulted in it blowing over.

So the decision had been made for us, the tree had to come out!

Now that access was gained around the spiral I had a chance to clear out old plantings and even resurrect the small pond at the rear, near the window.

With the tree always loosing its leaves the pond was always choked with debris. Now I have cleaned it out and will put some water plants in and later some of the small native fish we have in other ponds around the garden.

I have chosen a small seedling Apricot tree to grow here that I might graft onto this year if it settles in well enough.
I have a few spare herbs and punnets of seedling flowers to brighten up the spiral and bring it back to life.

Doc managed to barter another truckload of Crusher Dust during the week and spent today loading it around the outside of the spiral.

We used more of the packing cartons from our neighbours recent move and the crusher is again quite deep as on the Main Vegetable Garden pathways.


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