Monday, 9 April 2007

Garden Log 9 Apr 07

Since I removed the netting on Bed 2 last weekend everything has grown well!

The Fillabasket Brussels Sprouts are ready to sprout and I hope the cool weather comes in soon or they'll run to seed.
Ninja loves to explore this jungle and thankfully the plants are now large enough to withstand her presence.

The Toscano Kale is really doing well and even the Giant Red Reselection Celery is growing well. This is planted as a Companion Plant for the Brassicas and I'm not expecting too much from it as it's the celery smell I'm hoping will deter some of the bugs!

Over in Bed 6 the Aquadulce Broad Beans are growing rapidly as are the Purple Peacock Broccoli. I will be able to remove the containers from these soon as they are getting strong enough to withstand the birds scratching the mulch around them now.

In Beds 7 & 8 the Dwarf Earlicrop and Bush Sugarsnap Peas are small but already producing some peas and if I'm lucky I'll actually bring enough in for a meal. That is if I don't eat them on the way!
The netting over these beds is due to come off now so I'll have a chance to weed and rescue a few Catnip seedlings growing in there. Ninja has flattened the only remaining bush so I need some replacements and these volunteers will do nicely!

A small French Purple Globe Artichoke has survived summer over on the Perennial Edge Bed under the Plum and Apple Trees and is showing new growth with the cooler weather.


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