Thursday, 26 April 2007

Garden Log 26 Apr 07

It's raining today, 4mm already and there should be more to come...
The garden will love it!

On Tuesday 24th Apr I weeded and tidied beds 7&8 and gave the plants here a sprinkling of Blood and Bone.
While I was there I dug up the Catnip volunteers that were sprouting up. These have been potted up and will be ready for Ninja to squash soon.
I'll have to put some in cages to foil her!

Also on Tuesday I cleared Bed 4 of the Moon and Stars Watermelon and picked the last two! Yummy!
Then I attached more dripper line and shaped the bed for rows of onions. Odourless Red Onion seedlings with one row of Gladalan White Onions planted.

Yesterday was ANZAC Day. This traditionally marks the end of the warm weather up here so I have Baled up Bed 3.
The Red Cloud Tomatoes are still producing in here as are some struggling King Edward Potatoes I planted as a trial on the 7th Feb.
These have been topped up with soil and fed with Blood and Bone.
The straw bales have been put around the bed to keep in warmth and the cold south winds out. It will also allow me to cover the bed with plastic sheeting when the frosts come. The frame here is the trampoline turned upside-down.

Bed 6 where the Aquadulce Broad Beans are rocketing along has also been tidied and fed in anticipation of this rain and the Bed 2 greens will slurp up this moisture.

The Strawberry Bed got a sprinkling of Blood and Bone too and these too will love the rain!

These Lemons are growing on what was rootstock of a tree planted long ago and rescued from our paddock next door when we arrived here (before Doc mowed it over!!).
The neighbours said that it would never fruit but for the last 10 years has provided us with what can only be called extremely sour lemons!
These are welcome at a time of the year when sour lemon drinks are used for relief of colds etc.


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