Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Broad Beans 07

My Broad Beans are slowly germinating in the ground. They were planted according to the Moon Planting Guide on Saturday 25th March.

This year I chose Aquadulce seed from Digger's Club as the main crop for eating. These were planted into the newly cleared Bed 6.

I am also growing two coloured seeded varieties from Seed Saver's Network and these are being grown for seed stock mainly.

The two varieties I have are:
Peruvian Emerald with bright green seeds, grew very well last year, showing good pest and disease resistance and tasted delicious.

Scarlett Cambridge with dark red seed didn't grow as well but was in poor soil and didn't get much water (no rain last year). I only managed to get enough seed to plant out this year so I will give them more TLC this time and hope they do better.

Both of these varieties have been planted into loo roll cylinders to be planted out when they have germinated to keep them safe from the blackbirds and other pests.


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