Sunday, 11 March 2007

Transplants and Planting Garlic

On Friday (9th March) I dug up the plants that I wanted to keep from under the front verandah.
This included a False Mallow plant and 2 Variegated Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior 'Variegata') plants.
The Bird’s Nest Fern, which was a birthday present several years ago, I split in two pieces as this is a way of propagating them. It is possible to split them more but these pieces had good growing points on them and I’d rather not lose the plant completely.

I transplanted some seedlings in the shadehouse:
  • Purple Peacock Broccoli x 7,
  • Romanesco Broccoli x 2,
  • Curled parsley x 11,
  • Mexican Coriander x 10,
  • Pale Pink Hollyhocks x 4
  • and 4 Erigeron Daisy
I also potted up a late Capsicum and 5 Yellow Egg Tomato seedlings that will stay in pots and over-winter in the hothouse.

Saturday (10th March) the Moon Planting Guide read:

Plant shallots, onions and garlic for September equinox crop.

So in the morning I prepared Bed 4 for Garlic by removing tomato stakes and leveling bed. Hoses were changed to include the new inline dripper hose that was attached to south end of the bed.

I planted 4 rows of Early Purple Garlic from Diggers using the biggest cloves off the bulbs. This turned out to be most of them as they were a very good size. The three or four tiny cloves were planted together at the ends of two of the rows. Remembering to plant with the pointed end up!

As they were to be planted 15cm apart, spacing was easy because I’d used the 15cm spaced drip line so I just put one at each hole in the hose!!

I then moved into the shadehouse and planted a cell tray of Gladalan White Onions. I fed all the newly transplanted greens a light dose of seaweed extract and fish emulsion.

Later in the evening I potted on 28 Royal Mammoth Leeks into individual cells in a tray for planting on the 29th March.

Also planted the Garlic from Gringo into a tank bed in the dog pen which I covered with wire because one of the chooks keeps escaping to lay under the Zucchini bush and while she is out she has a scratch around!


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