Monday, 19 March 2007

Rain Today!!!

With the forecasts (from the Elders Weather site) in our area suggesting rain this week:
Monday Rain 15 / 31°C 90%, 10-20mm
Tuesday Rain clearing 17 / 27°C 60%, 1-5mm

I removed the shade cloth covers from the vegetable beds last night in anticipation.

About midnight the showers started. Only very light at first and it wasn't until about 6am that I could hear drops filling the water tank. By 8am we had 2mm in the rain gauge and it's falling quite steadily now.

Our visit inside from Baby Harry this week is suggesting the Australian Bush Forecasting theory about Huntsman Spiders entering homes before rain could be true.

One positive thing (there are so many) about rain is that Chippee the Escapee Bantam has decided to stay in her house today. She doesn't want to ruffle those feathers!!

Raindrops are always a welcome site in Scarecrow's Garden and the thought of a possible 10 - 20 mm of rain today has made this Scarecrow very happy!


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