Friday, 23 March 2007

No Not Frost Already!!!

We've just come out of some pretty yucky humid hot weather to see this on the latest 7 day weather forecast.
For next Thursday 29th March a SLIGHT FROST RISK.

They have to be joking not this soon!
Anzac Day (April 25th) usually marks the start of frosty weather here in Northern SA and that's still a month away!!
I only hope this forecast is as wrong as they usually are.

I have just dug up an Eggplant plant?? and potted it up to go into the hothouse over winter.
Looks like I had better hurry up and get it tidied and ready to use.

I'll have to move the new Tomato seedlings and take some cuttings from the Cherry Tomatoes and the Capsicum in the garden this weekend or they might not be there next week.

I'll also have to move some of the plants from the shade house into the hothouse too.
If I do all this on the weekend they're sure to be wrong with that forecast.


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