Saturday, 17 March 2007

Moon Planting

Notes from Cosmic Gardener's March Moon Planting Guide

Not too much happening next week 19 - 21 Mar due to:

We get the Equinox (Sun on the Equator)
every year but it rarely coincides
with a Solar Eclipse
and Perigee (Moon closest to earth)

Advisable not to plant and protect from sunburn

Extreme fire danger and potential earthquakes,
cyclones and other extreme weather and political phenomena.

But by Friday 23 Mar things seem to be better and time to plant some:

Potatoes, Beetroot, Carrots,
Parsnip, Swedes, Turnips

and Saturday 24 Mar

Sow green manure crops and lawn seed.

Time to plant those green manure seeds in beds not being used for winter crops!

Interesting note for our "Wormies" for Friday 23 Mar 07 too!

Make sure worm farms are damp as worms are laying eggs now.

Update: These sowing dates are for Australia. For Northern people I have added some links to sites that you may find helpful:

Allotments UK forum - discussion on Moon Planting

Please let me know if you have access to Moon Guides/Charts in your country.


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