Friday, 16 March 2007

Lots Of New Growth

Look at all this growth

I'm really pleased with the way the new seedlings are growing. We haven't had any rain since they were planted (20 Feb 07) and it's been quite hot. I have only been watering them every third day or so.

This is the garlic that was planted 6 days ago. It's up and growing already.

It's been just over 3 weeks since the seedling Silverbeets and Peas were planted.
I even have some NZ Spinach popping up that I didn't even plant.

Just over 2 weeks ago this Kale was planted and promptly attacked by my escapee Bantam Chippee! It took a few days to organise some netting for bed 9 but since then they have been steadily growing. Chippee also dug up some of the spinach seed but 2 have survived and I will be able to plant more soon. Even the Tree Onions are taking off!

This weeks forecasted rain never happened. We now have rain forecast for next week so fingers crossed it comes.


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