Thursday, 1 March 2007

In-line Drip System

On Wednesday 28th Feb my in-line dripper hose order arrived. I had all the pieces I needed to install it! Some fine tuning will occur later when I have more time.

The brown hose is a 6mm hose and contains built in drippers spaced at either 15cm, 30cm or 50 cm spacings. I purchased a 30m roll of 15cm and 30cm as I felt these would cover my needs.

It is recommended that a Pressure Regulator and Filter be used in the hose with these in-line drippers.
So I attached this where the old filter had been in the hose leading off the tap. It helps to have a container of very hot water on hand to dip the end of hoses into when joining pieces togeter.

You attach the 6mm hose onto a 13mm or 19mm feeder poly hose which is readily available at hardware stores. Take off connectors are used for this and a special hole maker is available to pierce the hose and fit these into.
The other end is either attached to more poly hose or the ends of the dripper line are bent over and a piece of 13mm hose is used to secure it.

These work at a very low pressure and deliver drops of water straight to the plants root zones. They will later be covered with mulch.

On the weekend I shall attach the Air Release Valve at the highest point of the system. This will allow air to be bled into the system and prevent dirt being sucked in and blocking the drippers. I also have a Dripline Flush Valve to attach to the lowest point of the system to enable regular flushing of the hoses to prevent clogging.


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