Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Garden Log 7 Mar 07

The in-line dripper hose that arrived last week has been attached to the feeder hose to water the silverbeet in Beds 7 & 8.
We managed to find some plastic mesh for a low trellis for the dwarf Sugarsnaps and Earlicrop Peas here too, so the breadcrates were taken off and some bird netting has been attached to the top of the chicken wire sides of these beds.

This will stop those blackbirds digging up the seedlings and peas.

Last week after work I planted Bed 9 which now has 9 Toscano Kale plants, with some Egyptian Tree Onions, Viroflay Spinach and Dill as companions and some climbing Sugarsnap Peas on the trellis at the back.
The Kale plants have individual drippers and the rest have in-line drip hose for watering.

We only had 10.8mm of rain in Feb and there isn't any forecast for the next week at least. Temps were hot last week but are cooling off now.

With this in mind I have taken off the shade cloth cover from Bed 3. There is quite a bit of re-growth on the Red Cloud Tomatoes planted there and the potatoes are coming along great!

I've been having a general tidy up and taken out the Dwarf Corn, Sunflowers and any Calendula plants that are past their best. I've mulched the Balinese Corn that's still struggling along and picked some of the pumpkins from Bed 10.

This weekend I'll be planting out the Garlic (the Diggers ones finally arrived after being held up in quarantine??) and some Red Shallots from last year.
Red and White Onions will go into seed trays for later planting out.

As it's a long weekend here on Monday I'll tidy and feed the Rhubarb and Strawberry patches.

A friend from Garden Club gave me a 2 litre container of green manure seed the other day (I had recently given her a Jostaberry plant) so I now have plenty of seed that I can sow in the Pergola Garden as preparation for next spring planting.

We have decided to withdraw our garden from the open day weekend.
We reached this decision after taking several things into consideration.

  • There was an issue regarding insurance that I wasn't happy about.
  • The list of 'suggestions' I was given last week would have meant even more preparation.
  • And we decided that as it is OUR garden we'd really like to keep it that way.
  • The weather is still quite hot and dry to be doing too much around the garden.
Friends that had said they would be attending will still be welcome to visit and we'd love to see them.
I'm pleased we have made this decision and feel we can now get on with our lives again.


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