Thursday, 22 March 2007

Garden Log 22 March 2007

The Moon Planting Guide for today said:
Mulch with seaweed if possible or treat mulch with Seasol or fish product.
I live too far away from the coast to collect seaweed (not that you're allowed to in SA) so I watered with these seaweed mixtures and CharlieCarp.

Everything is just about jumping out the ground with this recent rain and warm temperatures. The Perpetual Spinach is ready for first pickings.

While this netting continues to keep out the blackbirds and the cabbage butterflies the plants are just about out-growing it and I will have to remove it soon!

I am noticing a few Aphids on 2 of the Brussels Sprout plants so when I find these little guys around, as I'm clearing the beds, I move them to Bed 2

I can just about sit and watch the Early Purple Garlic growing!

This Moon and Stars Watermelon is trying very hard to reach picking size before the cold weather hits us and the rain is helping.

This Rondo De Nice Zucchini has decided on one last try at some fruit, just as I was going to clear that bed too!!


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