Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Clearing The Beds No.1

Weekend 24/25 March 2007

Time to clear Bed 10 ready for some Green Manure.

Last weeks promise of rain meant it was an ideal time. The mulch was raked aside to allow all the rain to reach the soil.
Straw mulch is great for keeping moisture IN the soil but is very absorbent. During light showers of rain it's the mulch that soaks up all the good rain and very little gets through to the soil below.
While we aren't having regular rainfall and I water with drippers below the mulch this isn't much of a problem. So when rain is forecast I rake the mulch aside.

The rain came, twice in fact with a total of nearly 30mm for the week. Prefect! The corn plants were removed and taken to the chook run.

The old pumpkin vines and other greens were put near the compost heap with the raked off mulch ready for compost building soon.

The area was well hoed using a heavy blade hoe which enabled me to search for potatoes that are still emerging in bed 1 year after planting.

Next stage is to use the claw hoe to work soil and level it off. It's also used to mix in the seeds or a rake can be used.

I plant the green manure seeds from my friend here and on Sunday I added some clover and lucerne seed to the mix.

Sunday I also planted Climbing Telephone Peas along the trellis at the rear of the bed and used a plank of wood (from Doc's secret stash sssh! Don't tell him) to walk on. The plank fitted just perfectly.

With Chippee the crazy bantam still escaping and the blackbirds still checking out the garden each morning I have put chook wire around the outside of the bed and bird netting over the seeds. For the peas on the trellis I used the trusty old bread crates again.

Now I'd like some more rain the help these grow, please!


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