Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Chook Mash

Each morning I feed my chooks their favourite Mash.

I start with 3 scoops of Bran and Pollard mix I buy in big bags from the feed store. Add in 1 scoop of Meatmeal (can use fishmeal or cooked soy meal)

I use a big bucket to mix it up in and a special paddle that Doc made just for the purpose.

Inside I mix:
1. about half a cup of skim milk powder with
2. a glob (about one tablespoonful) of molasses also bought at the feed store
3. add about 3-4 cups of warm to hot water to this to dissolve everything
4. this is added to the dry bran and mixed until just moistened.

I add things to this mix occasionally:
Around the Full Moon I add crushed garlic cloves about one per bird and will soon trial crushed, dried pumpkin seeds as these are good for worming. A pinch of sulphur per chook added to their mash helps with keeping parasites at bay.

Another beneficial additive is to recycle their eggs shells back to them by:
1. baking the empty shells in a low oven for about an hour
2. then crushing the shells
3. put them into the mash
4. mix thoroughly.

This is a real calcium boost for the girls and makes their shells nice and strong.

1. Then it is put into their troughs
2. while they wait patiently! Not!
3. given to them to eat
4. even Lucky Dog loves to lick the bucket out!

Yummy they love it in winter when I make it with very hot water to warm them up on frosty mornings.

Along with this mash the girls get grain scratch in the afternoons and a couple of times a week I fill their inside feeder with pellets or other yummy mixes.

They have their fodder range as well and have plenty of room for scratching up goodies from the soil.


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