Friday, 2 February 2007

Winter Planting List

There was a thread on Aussies Living Simply this morning about our winter garden plans.
It will encourage me to put pen to paper and draw up a new planting plan of the garden.
With our cold winters things need to get growing well before April.

So far I have planted into 'seedling potting-on' mix:
  • Curly Broccoli x 2
  • Brussels Sprouts (first try this year) x 4
  • Savoy Cabbage x 2
  • Toscana Kale (lots, this is for the chooks too)
Kale Toscano seedling growing well despite the heat
  • 5 Colour Silverbeet
  • Perpetual Spinach
  • Rhubarb Chard
  • Organic Silverbeet
5 coloured Silverbeet

Some Viroflay Spinach will go in to the ground soon.
There's lots of these too for the chooks to eat in winter. There are only a couple of Cabbages and Brocolli as more of these will be planted later.

I also have a punnet of Royal Mammoth Leeks
This week I sowed Romanesco and Purple Peacock Broccoli
Last week into the garden went Carrots, Turnip, Beetroot and Kohlrabi on seed tapes.

Some of these (that weren't attacked by blackbirds) are already emerging.

A few Parsley plants are up.
Soon the Red and White Onions will be sown with Brown ones going in after the winter solstice
I shall soon dig up the Tree Onions and Red and Brown Shallots and divide and replant those.

I have some early Garlic on order from Diggers but it hasn't arrived yet. Supposed to plant this one in Feb for an early spring harvest. This should be good as our Nov's have been getting very hot lately and drying out the garlic too quickly.

Snow and Dwarf Peas will go in soon (not till after this current heatwave) and Broad Beans later.
Green Manure to beds that won't be growing any crops (when I work this out).

So I'm off to draw up my plans now. Wish me luck!!


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