Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Winter Garden Plan

Main Vegetable Garden Plan
(click on photo to enlarge it)
For Tree names see Here

Bed 1 - Carrots will remain until they are used. The Garlic - Austarlian White, from last year which remained small will be left to grow again (?) to see how it goes. Johnny Jump Ups will be planted along the edge.

Bed 2 - Brussels Sprouts, Savoy Cabbage with Perpetual Spinach and Alyssum and Garlic - Biofresh Selection (the best cloves from this years crop) on edges as Companion Plants.

Bed 3 - Trial Late Potatoes followed by Green manure Broad Beans

Bed 4 - White and Red Onions with Early Garlic

Bed 5 - Late Brown Onions and Garlic

Bed 6 - Beetroot, Kohlrabi, Golden Turnips and the Russian Red Kale, Italian Parsley, NZ Spinach and herbs that are already there

Bed 7 - Silverbeet with Dwarf Peas

Bed 8 - Rhubarb Chad with Dwarf Peas

Bed 9 - Toscano Kale with Climbing Sugar Snap Peas on back frame with Celpar as a companion plant.

Bed 10 - Green Manure of oats, peas, clover and wheat with Climbing Telephone Peas on trellis at back.

Cropping Broad Beans, Leftover Silverbeets and Kale shall be grown in other parts of the garden.
Most of these Beds have been Green Manured in the last 2 years and have had compost or manure added as part of their preparation.


  1. I found your blog through a link put up on a forum. I have bookmarked it, as I found it very interesting.

    I too am a gardener and love the idea of growing organic vegies.

  2. Cheers Ruth

    Hi Lucky-1 (you have the same name as my dog :) )
    Thanks for dropping by. Just found your blog, lots of interesting things on there!

  3. Whatever are "Johnny Jump Ups"? They sound intriguing....!
    I must get round to doing a garden plan too.....and somehow getting it onto my blog like you have. Not very computer savvy though!

  4. Sorry Lilymarlene
    They are Wild Pansies or Heartease (Viola tricolour)
    The little tiny mauve, purple and yellow pansies that re-seed themselves everywhere that's why they call them Johnny Jump Ups!
    One of my favourite flowers and tough enough to grow through winter here. :)

  5. My goodness you are organised!! Theres not much hope for me then!!!

  6. Oh my word you are so clever and so organised

    I get organised but not on paper!

    And your veggie plot - heavenly to see all your crops and cheers my heart that summer is on its way and I can be growing the same.


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