Saturday, 24 February 2007

Winter Garden Plan - Update

Just an update on my Winter Garden Plan:
Bed 2 now has 4 Brussels Sprouts, 2 Savoy Cabbage, 1 Curly Broccoli, 1 Toscano Kale with lots of Perpetual Spinach in between (didn't count them all) This bed has been covered over with Shade cloth since I planted on Tuesday but this morning was quite cloudy and showery so I took the shade cloth off but I will have to go out soon and put some bird netting over the frame it has to stop the black birds scratching up the seedlings.

Bed 7 now has Dwarf Earlicrop Peas and a mixture of Ruby Chard and plain Organic Silverbeet.

Bed 8 now has Bush Sugarsnap Pea with a mixture of 5 Colour and plain Organic Silverbeet.
(I know I mixed these two up!! LOL)

These 2 beds will have bird mesh put along the middle for the peas (on a weepy hose) and some in-line dripper hose (when it arrives) with their drippers spaced at 30cm.
As this bed still has low chook mesh around it from when it grew potatoes I will put bird netting over the top because the blackbirds are still getting to the beds and scratching up the mulch. They are only getting bugs at this stage but will steal the new pea shoots if I don't cover them. Right now they have bread crates over them.

I now need to pot on some Purple Peacock and Romanesco Broccoli, the Royal Mammoth Leeks and the Parsley and Mexican Coriander that have sprouted up.

The Garlic still hasn't arrived but I have had some special Gringo Garlic sent to me by a friend
(thanks mate!!) so I might try planting that soon!

Also have the Egyptian (Tree) Onions and Red Shallots to replant soon and some Russian Garlic.

I have found some self sprouted Baby Pear Tomatoes coming up in a pot under the pergola so I'll pot up some of those and when it gets cold I'll put them in the hot house like I did last year. The Long Range weather forecaster says we won't be getting those severe frosts like last year so I'm hoping he is right.

My seeds of Barley, Oats, Rye and Fenugreek from Eden Seed's Select Organic range have arrived for green manure. These will be mixed with some Clover, and Peas I have left over in my seed collection and I'll take some wheat from the chooks supply. This will go into Bed 10 and Broad Beans for green manure in Bed 3.

Between the blackbirds/grasshoppers and the heat I don't have anything left that was planted on those seed tapes but they did germinate so I will try it again but it's probably too late for carrots now. The ones in the ground from spring planting will have to do us.

I found 4 potatoes sprouting in the shed so I put these in Bed 3 as a trial late crop and they are growing quickly.

I'm about to plant out some strawberry runners in the Dog Pen Gardens into this Bed.

The late crop of Basil, Sweet and some Purple are growing really well under the back pergola and are enjoying the thundery showers of rain we have been getting this week.


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