Sunday, 4 February 2007

Summer Garden Review

Here is a summary of how my garden survived this summer. What worked and the failures!

Successive planting of Cucumbers worked; the first crop of Lebanese Mini cucumbers has just finished and the new ones planted at the end of Nov are coming into fruit beautifully after the recent rains.

Stripe and Sweet Cucumbers

The Chinese Stripe and Sweet have grown well but only produce 2 fruits, although huge!! But may still produce some more…

Note for next year: Stick with successive planting of Lebanese Minis; try saved seeds???

Newly planted Cucumbers


Not as good as other years. May consider 50% shade cloth for the main crop next year. Some under the 70% s/c are leggy. Those in full sun have scorched leaves but the cherry tomatoes have been great under the s/c and the Almond tree.

Note for next year: Go back to Roma Dwarf Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes only


The Lebanese Bunching are fruiting well already while the Long Purple are just starting to set fruit.

Lebanese Bunching Eggplants


The Butternuts are small but there are lots of them. The Grammas and self sown Black Prince have lots of leaf growth and are just setting fruit now might be a bit late but we shall see!

Note for next year: Grow Butternuts again also try Qld Blues again.

Lots of leaves on the self sown Black prince Pumpkin


Early planting of home raised seedlings failed to develop properly but subsequent in ground planted end Oct have fruited well and the Balinese planted at the same time are growing well.

Note for next year: No early starts with seedlings. Dwarf good for early crop.

Early corn planted as seedlings

Later directly sown corn thriving!


Note for next year: Go back to the Blue Lake and Purple King Climbing beans that I know do well.


Silverbeet has done very well as has the French Sorrel supplying the chooks with lovely greens.
Many lettuces just bolted straight to seed but we were able to eat plenty of leaves first. The Broccoli struggled and flowered too quickly but the chooks enjoyed the greens. The Russian Red Kale is still going strong. It’s a toughie!! None of these had pest problems which is a first.

These from the 5 Coloured Silverbeet Collection did well but the yellow ones bolted.


Black Zucchini has grown very well. Rondo De Nice has been good but the yellow buttons have again struggled. The Delicata failed. Pity I was hoping that one would do well.

Note for next year: Grow 2-3 Black Zucchini together to help pollination. Try Delicata one more time weather might be better next year.

Fruit and Potato Reviews to follow as they finish.


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