Monday, 26 February 2007


Our cleanup plans for our open garden days coming up included re-surfacing the pathways of the Main Vegetable Garden.

The Local Open Garden Days are to be held over the Easter Weekend as part of our towns Art and Cultural Festival. Our Garden Club was asked to organise this part of the weekend so I put our garden on the list. It will make us have a good tidy up if nothing else!!

The pathways in the veg garden were getting a bit uneven and overgrown. Last week we had two small truckloads of crusher dust (a product left over from gravel crushing at the local quarry). We also had one truckload of topsoil delivered for topping up beds around the yard.

The over hanging Lavender and Rosemary bushes were trimmed back off the pathways, the Asparagus was trimmed and tied up and all hose pieces were moved to clear the way.

We have new neighbours across the road and they have given us their packing boxes so these were used as a base over the rough paths.

The crusher dust was barrelled on to this covering and spread to quite a thick layer. After raking and watering it will compact down to a very firm surface.

Most of the load is now down and the rest will be used in other areas around the yard.

The garden area looks much better now and the surface will be quite firm and safe for people to walk over.

Poor Hubby is worn out now but will recover for next weeks efforts...
When I think of something!!


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