Thursday, 22 February 2007

Companion Planting - Red Kale

If you ever need an example of Companion Planting here it is.

One of my Gardening experiments this year has been my Bed 6 Polyculture Patch.

Bed 6 Early in the season

This morning while wandering around the Main Veg Patch I noticed something interesting in this bed .

Oh Dear!

This Red Kale Plant was looking rather worse for wear. On closer inspection I found the reason.


These plants are at the southern end of the bed planted along side some Kohlrabi (badly attacked by cabbage moths), Oregano, Sunflowers and self-sown NZ Spinach.

Cabbage Moth caterpillar on Kohlrabi

At the northern end of the same bed two more Red Kale plants are growing. All these Kale plants are from same batch of seed, planted at the same time. All these Kale plants have been on drippers and mulched quite heavily so basic growing conditions have been duplicated.

These are the plants at the Northern end of the bed.

You may not be able to pick out all of the companion plants here. There is Basil, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and also the Sunflowers and NZ Spinach. The kale plants here are small but on closer inspection I found neither aphids nor Cabbage Moth Catepillars.

Something is working here!


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