Monday, 8 January 2007

This Weeks To Do List

Dig some Potatoes
Tie up Tomatoes

Prepare area for new Bed - Dog Pen Shade House Bed:
· Clear topsoil away
· Line with weed mat
· Bring compost here - water
· Put rock edging around
· Make up mix for planting
· Add mix to bed - water
· Sort plants for area
· Plant - water in seaweed extract
· Weepy hose to bed
· Mulch with chook mulch

Plan system for using washing machine water:
· Clean out drum
· Get required attachments
· Build system???

Bed 6 - Tidy Tomato cage, dismantle Potato cage, tidy rest of area.
Check online for prices of inline dripper hose

More Shade structures:
Bed1 over the carrots
Bed 6 the mixed bed
Bed 10 mainly for the pumpkins
And also shade over the Raspberry/Blackberry Bed in Dog Pen.

Let's see how much of this gets done!!


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