Saturday, 20 January 2007

Summer Rain

Remember I said this on the 15th Jan.

However I don't believe the forecast for Saturday's
Clearing Showers 40% chance of 20-40mm.

Ha! I'd Like to see that!!

Well you'll never guess what happened!!
We've had non-stop rain since Thursday 18th Jan and while it is clearing there's still more to come.

So far totals are around 80mm.
This photo was taken Friday morning.

The new road gutters are getting a work out...
unfortunately they end at the corner!

The sunflowers are looking for the sun.

The dog says she'll stay in her shed.

While the pumpkins are enjoying the shower.

The chooks say what is this wet stuff??

The ponds and birdbaths are chock-a-block full.

But the garden beds are slurping the rain

And the carrots are asking for more!

But Ninja is simply not amused!!!


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