Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Garden Log 24 Jan 07

After last weeks rain the garden has really taken off!
The Brassica and Greens seedlings I potted on earlier this month are doing particularly well.

This is what I did:
Made up a ‘potting on’ mix adding Blood and Bone to my usual potting mix but using the sifted topsoil from the dog pen garden instead of the sandy loam I usually use.
Then I potted on the greens that were planted on the 26th Dec. These went into lolly boxes and cut down milk bottles in a Styrofoam box:
  • Cabbage - Savoy - 2
  • Brussels Sprouts - Fillbasket - 4
  • Kale - Toscano - 10
  • Collards - 1
  • Broccoli - Italian Curly - 1
  • Perpetual Spinach - 17
  • Rhubarb Chard From - 18
  • Five Colour Silverbeet Mix - 17
  • Organic Silverbeet - 10
  • Also potted up 5 pots of 5 Colour Silverbeet with 4 seedlings for the Garden Club trading table.
The Silverbeet and greens seedlings in reused lolly containers

The Brassicas in cutdown milk containers

Here is a rundown of our Garden Club meeting:

Thursday 18th Jan 2006 Garden Club 1.30pm
Everyone was happy that it was raining at long last.

There was an interesting discussion about our favourite garden products.
Mine was shadecloth and I told them all about our shade structures.
Others told of useful hoses and using gypsum (a product to help break up clay soil), Seasol (a seeweed liquid product) and Neutrog (organic fertilizers made in South Australia).
One member has recently covered her backyard with wood chips, while others spoke of their successes with compost and animal manures.
It was a very useful discussion.

I had taken the silverbeet pots, a couple of other pots and 4 dozen eggs for the trading table. These along with some other items brought by other members raised $24. (I know because I’m the treasurer!!)

Then our vegie gardening garden guru (Mr E) gave us a talk about his life on a sheep station in the outback in the 1950’s which was very interesting.

We are hoping to have a guest speaker next month who grows Potatoes very successfully. Can’t wait for that one - should get some hints.

The harvest basket I won first prize with in the
'Best Thing in your Garden' Competition.
For details click here

After the rain on Sunday 21st Jan (total of 93mm fell in 4 days) we ventured into the garden.
The Pussy Willow will have to come out!! It has shown definite signs of dieback with the drought and the gusts of wind today have split it so badly I doubt it can be saved.
This is a pity because it has been sheltering my potting bench for many years. I guess we will have to build another shade structure over this area now to shade the bench.

Poor old Pussy Willow


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