Monday, 15 January 2007

Garden Log 15 Jan 07

A walk in the garden this weekend:

The eggplants are flowering and setting fruit

Many gum trees are flowering this ones a favourite

Gumnuts after the flowers

The sunflowers are out enjoying the heat

While other beds are enjoying their shade

Garden Log:
This morning I moved some old chook shed manure from the compost bays onto Bed 2 in preparation for Autumn Brassica crops (seedlings of these were potted up yesterday). It is a mixture of straw, saw dust and of course chook manure that has been sitting there for a few months. It has had some rain on it and plenty of sunshine but hasn't really broken down very much. I had watered the bed on Sunday morning and am hopeful of rain this week to settle it in and start it decomposing.

I'm always hopeful of rain but our weekly forecast is promising rain on Wednesday at a 70% chance of 1-5mm and Thursday's 80% chance of 5-10mm so I've got my fingers crossed. However I don't believe the forecast for Saturday's Clearing Showers 40% chance of 20-40mm!
Ha! I'd Like to see that!!

The temperatures for the week are all in the 30's (C) with Tuesday up around 37C (98.6F) so it will be very sticky here this week with humidity levels up over 80% most days. I'll have to keep an eye on the cucurbits for signs of mildew.

I also picked the lettuce Leaf Basil that's been growing in a box under the pergola and have dried it already. A new batch of Basil seedling is ready for planting and should be big enough to harvest before the cold weather comes.

I am experimenting with a new Moon Planting Chart (its for Australian gardens) and is different from the one I have been using. This one looks good as it lists jobs (not just planting) to do on most days.
Today it says: "Brewer’s moon. Watch for fungus. Make wine."
Darn it we're not quite ready for the wine making bit yet!


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