Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Food Gardening for Beginners Part 4

OK You Want Food Now!! Fast Food Growing

“All this time and energy spent improving my soil could have been spent growing my food!”

Maybe, but this could have been a disaster.

“The veggie plot down the end of the yard is difficult to visit on a regular basis let alone water, weed and fertilize.”

How about we start with a few pots or containers on the back veranda. Or out the front or side of the house if these are better positions. Just be sure they are convenient.

Into your pots/containers we are going to put a mixture of potting mix and compost. Do not use soil as it compacts in pots.

You can buy pre-made organic composts from garden supply stores or see if your council sells it from the tip.

You can buy or use large pots or other containers. Polystyrene boxes or even waxed vegetable boxes are useful for growing salad vegetables and herbs in to let you get used to the idea of eating out of your garden.

Also available are selected breeds of other vegetables suited to container growing.

Or try a Wicking Worm Box Garden

Later expand to trial a no-dig garden bed.

No Dig Gardens

Even investigate hydroponic systems if these appeal to you.

Backyard Hydroponics

As your soil builds in the garden you can use this time to assess your site and observe the nature of your piece of land.

Slowly start using small areas to grow more vegetables.

You can earmark sites for fruit trees/bushes.

Start building/planting those windbreaks and climbing trellises.

By the time you have all your ground ready for planting you will already be an expert compost maker and salad veg grower.

You will have researched all you need to know about growing the food you love to eat in your region.

Now you are a garden expert you will need to keep records of your achievements.

That's covered in this article here.


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