Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Dog Pen Shade House Edge Bed

One of the items on my To Do List was:

Prepare area for new Bed: Dog Pen Shade House Bed:
The ground where this bed was going was thick with a weed we call onion grass (Romulea rosea). It grows from an underground corm with a stringy stem/leaf and is hard to eliminate. As hard and as time consuming as it is, the best way to deal with this weed is to dig out the topsoil, put it through a sieve and mix with other ingredients to reuse. I used weed mat, a porous fabric liner over the base soil.

Rocks for the edging were added on top of the weed mat.

Then I added a thick layer of compost and soaked this layer well.

Soaked coir peat, potting mix and the sifted top soil were mixed together in Max Mixer our concrete mixer that doubles as a potting mix mixer.
The prepared mix was added to the bed and watered well.

I decided to plant the following plants that have been growing under the back pergola from cuttings taken last year:
Strawberry Guava (Psidium littorale)

Strawberry Spinach (Chenopodium capitatum)

Lebanese Cress (Aethionema cordiolum)

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

Cossack Pineapple (Physalis pruinosa)

Bulbs of Saffron Crocus - Crocus sativa were also planted here

The plants were planted and watered with seaweed extract to settle them in.
Later I will plant Strawberry runners from my breeding pot of Chandler strawberries .
These are not allowed to flower and only used to propagate runners from. This is because the aphid that spreads diseases in Australia only visits the flowers of strawberries. These should remain disease free.
These runners are still small so will remain in a pot until large enough to be planted out.

A Weepy Hose was then laid here to be attached to existing watering system near the shade house.

Finished with a thick layer of my chook mulch added over the surface of the soil.

I Put in a label for the saffron crocus so I know where they are until they emerge.


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