Friday, 19 January 2007

A Photo A Day - No. 19

Yesterday I took this basket of goodies to Garden Club for our competition
"Best Thing in my Garden"

I couldn't choose what to take so I put lots in the basket:

1. Russian Red Kale
2. 5 Colour Silverbeet

3. Heirloom Mix Carrots: White, Orange, Yellow and little round Purple ones

4. Mixed Potatoes: Spunta, Ottway Red, King Albert, Royal Blue, Sapphire and Red Star.
5. Lebanese Bunching Eggplant
6. New Zealand or Warragul Spinach

7. In the smallbasket Super Schmeltz Kohlrabi, Plums, Eggs,
Mixed Cherry and Tigerella Tomatoes
8. Rondo De Nice Zucchini
9. Black Zucchini

10. Bronze Fennel foliage and flower

11. Lebanese Mini Cucumber
The pots of Jam are Mulberry, Apricot and Peach
and a bottle of my Plum sauce.

I won first place!!


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