Sunday, 24 December 2006

Pond Re-vamp

The Main Vegetable garden Pond has been annoyingly overgrown for quite a while. With all the vegie planting going on lately I haven't had the time to fix it!
Till today!

The water was in desperate need of clearing, the Eud de cologne mint was choking it. So out it came and I only had to rescue one little fish who'd become beached.

A bit of clearing round the edges and it was so much better.

However the other end had a large Russian Sage bush that was slowly taking over the whole area. This is a very hardy plant and pretty when it flowers but the foliage stinks. It was all or nothing here, so it’s gone.
I was struggling with it when Doc (Hubby) came home from work and said he'd have a go. It only took him one swing of the pick to dislodge the entire plant.
(I still say I loosened it for him).

Just needed to clear the ground and get some plants to put in and it was finished.
Plants chosen were: White Lavender, Prostrate Rosemary, Erigeron Daisy, Bronze Fennel, a couple of Yarrow plants, Ajuga and seedling Wallflowers.

I had some helpers (other than Doc) today in the garden:

The Old Girl Chooks: Mama, Tippy and Dapple but they were mostly hiding!

The Ninja Cat

Even Lucky Dog was there to help today!


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