Saturday, 30 December 2006

Moon Planting and Broody Chooks

Moon Planting Fruit Day

Planted some top up/replacement seeds of:
Balinese Corn - from Eden Seeds - in the east edge of Bed 10
White African Sorghum - from SSN - in the Workshop Area
Snake Beans - from Eden Seeds - back of Bed 9

See here and here

Planted seeds for late crops of:
Black Zucchini - from Eden Seeds

Delicata Squash - from Phoenix Seeds
Shishitou Capsicums - From Diggers Club

Pale Pink Hollyhocks - borrowed from school garden

Organic Silverbeet Green Silver - from DT Brown (these should have been planted the other day during Green Planting time but I only bought them yesterday so it will be interesting to note any differences in this batch).
These were all planted into punnets and put into the shade house.

Two of my chooks have gone 'broody' over the last couple of weeks and I read in the new Earth Garden "Chook Wisdom" book (available here) I bought yesterday that chooks shouldn't be allowed to stay broody because they lose weight, get anaemic and in our hot weather could get quite dehydrated.

They recommend having a separate "clucky cage" to house these chooks in until they go off their broodiness.
The book says:
" A clucky cage needs to be light, exposed, have no nest-like corners but sheltered and with ample food and water"

The idea is to cool the chooks body temperature because while they are broody they have a higher temperature for incubating the eggs. So the cage should have a wire or slatted floor.

It's often recommended to use old 'cocky' (parrot) cages but these are as rare as 'cockies' teeth around here so I improvise and use whaterever I can.

This old milk crate is a favourite stand-by chook cage, but old Blackie doesn't seem to think so!!

Now Speckles leave her alone you know what its like in there!

I had a heap of these baker's trays out the back. Its a rough job just wired together so we will see how it goes!

Come on Gingy its not that bad in there!!

To be continued....


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