Sunday, 3 December 2006

Main Vegetable Garden Layout

This year the planting is as follows:

Bed 1:
Onions: Creamgold
Carrots: Heirloom Mixed
With Companions: each other, Alyssum and White Cosmos

Bed 2:
Onions: White and Red
Garlic: Biofresh Selection

Bed 3:
Tomatoes: Ida Gold, Dwarf (from seed savers)
Tomatoes: Red Cloud, Dwarf (from seed savers)
With Companions: Basil, Celpar (celery/parsley cross)

Bed 4:
Tomatoe: Polish Giant (from seed savers)
Watermelon: Moon and Stars (heirloom)
With Companions: Nasturtiums and Basil

Bed 5:
Cucumber: Lebanese Mini (organic seed)
Cucumber: Stripe and Sweet (heirloom)
Squash: Delicata (organic seed)
Squash: Yellow Button
Zucchini: Black
Zucchini: Rondo De Nice
With Companions: Nasturtiums

Bed 6: Trial Mixed Bed:
Sunflowers: Giant Russian
Parsley: Italian (rescued volunteer seedlings)
Beetroot: Heirloom Mixed
Kohlrabi: Super Schmeltz
Kale: Russian Red
Broccoli: Purple Peacock
Lettuce: Red Velvet
Beans: Red Mung
NZ Spinach: (volunteer seedlings)
Tomato: Tigeralla (in cage)
Potato: Kipfler (in cage)
With Companions: Nasturtiums, Basil (Lettuce Leaf and Purple), Oregano, Thyme, Sage and Rosemary (these last 3 in big pots)

Bed 7 & 8:

Bed 9:
Beans: Lazy Housewife Climbing (from seed savers) on trellis
Potatoes in Tyres (painted white to stop heat build up)

Bed 10:
Beans: Dutch Stringless Climbing (from seed savers) on trellis
Sweetcorn: Dwarf
Sweetcorn: Balinese
Pumpkin: Waltham Butternut
With Companions: each other, nasturtiums, (orange cosmos, and marigolds that have self-sown from last year)

The Tyres:
Strawberries various varieties include: Sweet Heart and Chandler.
With Companion: Feverfew (usually Borage here but too hot this year for it)

Pussy-willow Bed:
Fig Tree
Meyer Lemon
Plus Companions and other Plants: White Cosmos, Erigeron Daisy, Clary Sage, Acacia acinacea, Rosemary, Lavender, Feverfew, Calendula, Arctosis, Cedronella, Convolvulus Cneorum, Bearded Irises, Southernwood, Euryops and bordered by a Tree Wormwood Hedge for wind protection.

Perennial Edge Beds:
Daisies, Evening Primrose, Lucerne, Gourds, Catnip, Hollyhocks, Westringia, Rosemary, Sage, Mirabilis, Oregano, Golden Marjoram, Roman Wormwood, Yarrow, self seeded Coriander and Parsley. Pond Edges: Similar plants to the edge beds

Perennial Beds:
Rhubarb, Asparagus (green and purple), Globe Artichoke, Squash, Zucchini, Sunflowers and French Sorrel

Fruit Trees:
1 Bartlett Pear
2 Narrabeen Plum
3 Red Fuji Apple
4 William Pear
5 Cox’s Orange Pippin Apple
6 Stella Cherry
7 Figs Cuttings from Garden Club Members Trees
8 Anzac Peach
9 Golden Delicious Apple
10 Santa Rosa Plum
11 Goldmine Nectarine
12 Jonathon Apple
13 Moorpark Apricot
14 Nashi Pear
15 Mariposa Plum
16 Trevatt Apricot
17 Meyer Lemon
These were originally planted with various Companions: Lucerne, Yarrow, Southernwood, Chives, Garlic, Tansy but few remain after recent dry years and now there are old chooks run under them for insect control. This area is bordered with Tree Wormwood and Tagasaste trees.


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