Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Green Planting Day December 2006

Moon Planting Time for Greens today.

My Moon Planting Chart by Thomas Zimmer says:
"Some crops do equally well planted either first or second quarter.
These are : Annual Flowers, Hay, Cereal Grains & Oilseeds, Cucumbers, Melons, Leeks and Shallots"

So I planted:
Lebanese Mini Cucumbers in Dog Pen Gardenbed on a trellis of wire rescued from a Pond Cover which is no longer needed since Tiger (the Fisher of Goldfish cat) disappeared over a month ago.

Seeds of the following into a cell tray:
Cabbage - Savoy - From Phoenix Seeds
Brussels Sprouts - Fillbasket From Phoenix Seeds

Kale - Toscano - From New Gippsland Seeds

Collards - From SSN var 111EB

Broccoli - Italian Curly - From SSN var 5786

Seeds into punnets:

Perpetual Spinach - From Phoenix Seeds

Rhubarb Chard From - Phoenix Seeds

Five Colour Silverbeet Mix - From Diggers

In the ground on West edge of pond
Sunflower - Pardo Red - From Diggers

Sunflower - Evening Star - From Eden Seeds

Potted on:

4 x Tomato - Imur Prior Beta

5x Yellow Button Squash

2 Yellow Button Squash into ground in Dog Pen Gardenbed
ans a mixture of Lettuce into a poly box under the back Pergola.

In memory of Tiger 2001-2006


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