Sunday, 10 December 2006

Going Potty (Potting Mix that is...)

After a few years of experimenting I have settled on this method of making or supplementing my own potting mix.

I use
1 Bag of whatever potting mix is on special.
Having said that there are a couple of brands I still wouldn't use as they tend to set like rock in the pots or dry out much too fast.

1 Coir peat brick made from coconut fibre they are more sustainable than peat moss.

I soak these in 5 litres of rainwater

Often add nutrients too the water. Here I have just used seaweed liquid as I am using this mix for seedlings or cuttings. When I intend to use the potting mix for potting on seedlings I also add fish emulsion now and some blood and bone to the dry mixture. I also put some worm castings in the pots when potting on.

1 bucket of sandy loam any washed sand will do this is for drainage.

Each of these items are put into Max Mixer the concrete mixer that Hubby and I went halves in last year. I thnk I've used it more than him!!

Buzzed around for long enough to ensure everything is well mixed.

Then tipped into a waiting wheelbarrow ready to use.

The potting mix ready to use

I prefer to use this straight away but if I need to store it I put it in a large plastic crate container with a wooden lid stored in the shadehouse out of the weather.


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