Sunday, 17 December 2006

Garden Log 17 Dec 06

Total rainfall for Thursday/Friday was 14mm. That's the best we've had in a long while. The garden is refreshed and the chooks survived although one has decided to go "broody".

I have posted my Holiday To Do List (pt1) on my ALS glog and updated it here so in between drying apricots and making jam I took some more photos of the garden.

This Red Radicchio from a Mesclun Mix is going to seed and doesn't look very red anymore.

The Waltham Butternut Pumpkins are setting although I'm noticing more female flowers than males this year.

Russian Garlic is fowering here in Bed 10 the corn and pumpkin bed.

My favourite Zucchini Rondo De Nice are growing happily under their shade in bed 5

Stipe and Sweet Cucumbers are sharing the shade in bed 5.

This baby sunflower doesn't to live up to its name of Russian Giant but it is still very pretty!


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