Thursday, 14 December 2006

Garden Log 14 Dec 06

Something woke me at 4am this morning!
What was that noise???
Yes it was rain gently falling on the roof.
By 8am we'd had 4.5mm not a lot but around here every drop is great. With rumblings far away and promises of thunderstorms this evening we should be in for quite a bit more.

I don't know if it has arrived in time to save my front garden though.

Some of the plants out there are looking very sick!

Of course other natives just sit and wait for rain.

But the vegies are jumping out of the ground this morning.
Sunflowers and purslane planted for chook forage are loving the rain!

The rain should bring up the rest of the Sorghum planted last week in the heat!

Everything smells great!
Even the fish are happy.

Not too sure about the chooks they're just not used to this wet stuff!!


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