Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Garden Log 6 Dec 06

I thought this was supposed to be summer????
Look at the first three days temperatures!!
Friday 1st December Min 13.5
°C Max 30°C
Saturday 2nd December Min 7.5
°C Max 21.9°C
Sunday 3rd December Min 3.9°C Max 24.7°C

Don't worry they've promised 38
°C for Friday this week and that they will be getting right! Pitty they can't be so sure of our rainfall.

We've been enjoying the cooler weather and getting stuck into the garden to do list. We managed to put up another shade structure on Saturday. A tunnel over the potatoes in Beds 7&8.

Monday morning another went up over the squashes, zucchinis and cucumbers in Bed 5.

Saturday was the beginning Moon Planting for Fruit for December so the Black Cherry Tomatoes were planted by the trellis at the back gate and drippers were attached to these.

I had 1 each of the Ida Gold, Red Cloud and these Black Cherry Tomatoes left over so these found homes in the Tank Beds.
Sunday I planted the White African Sorghum in the Workshop Area where the ground had been prepared and a weepy hose attached last week.

Now I have to mulch these new plantings well ready for that heat later in the week!!


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