Saturday, 25 November 2006

Strawberry Shade Cover

I usually cover the strawberry patch with shadecloth each summer. As the Cherry Tree Net Frame is very secure and the strawberry patch is right next to the cherry tree I thought we could build another shade cover here.
We still had a 3 metre length of poly pipe left over to create another arch to which shadecloth is attached.

This time I decided to sew the ends of the shade cloth into a hem on my sewing machine using polyester thread and a tripple (stretch) stitch and thread the poly pipe through this hem.
This was fitted back on to the new arch and the other end of the shadecloth was trimmed to fit.

Then the shadecloth was taken off the arch and another smaller hem was sewn on the other end.
Back outside to the strawberry patch, the shadecloth was threaded onto the polypipe arch, reattached and the other ends were tied to the cherry tree net frame.

As you can see in the photo below the strawberries are flowering and fruiting well under their new shade structure!


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