Monday, 20 November 2006

General Garden Layout

This image is a rough map of our garden. The whole block is 50m x 40m or 2000sq metres (roughly half an acre). We have 2 full town blocks plus a half one. The house is on the middle block which is higher than northern block this makes for a cold air pool in winter bad for frosts but good for chill factor in fruit trees.
Summer temps can reach 45°C for many days in Jan/Feb and severe frosts to -10°C during June and right through into October.
We have lived here since Dec 93
Our block is divided into zones with zone 1 being the closest to the house and moving to zone 4 which is visited least.
Zone 1 areas are visited on a daily basis (like the main chook house for egg collection) and it is in this zone that we grow salad greens and frequently (daily) picked vegetables and herbs. This is also the area where our dog spends most of her time and we often have BBQs in the warm evenings.
Pergola Pot Garden
Tank Bed Garden for salad greens
Pergola Garden Beds
Dog Pen Garden Beds

The next is zone 2 which is further from the back door. This zone includes the Almond Area Chook Run with shade and fruit trees (large Black Mulberry and Almond trees already here when we arrived, Tagasaste, local Acacias, many seedling Almond trees, last year Wormwood, Coprosma repens, Melaleuca, Saltbush (Rhagodia parabolica), Josephine pear, seedling Apricot and Cherry were planted and this year a Tangelo Minneola citrus and ruby saltbush have been planted here).
Almond Area Chook Run

The main Vegetable Garden on the Northern block contains main beds for less frequent picking of larger amounts for storage and preserving.
Main Vegetable Garden

The propagation and potting areas with shade and hot houses are in this zone as are the drive way beds of trees/shrubs for shelter, shade and wind protection to the main vegetable garden.

Propagation Area

Zone 3 Fruit Tree Area where chooks run under fruit trees for insect control this zone includes another chook run with shade and fodder trees/plants. The chooks in this zone are older and don't need daily visits as the fodder plants and their ranging help to feed them also they don't lay many eggs anymore!

Chooks run under Fruit Trees
Zone 3 Chook RunZone 4 front garden where natives and tough exotics for wind breaks bird, lizard and insect attraction minimal water use and attention here.
Front Garden
Spare Block Front
Other features include
  • solar lights also used in earwig traps
  • four small ponds
  • solar pond pump
  • birdbaths for bees/beneficial insects too


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