Saturday, 25 November 2006

Garden Log 25 Nov 06

Moon Planting Greens Today

I have planted the following:
Watermelon Golden Midget direct sown in the Dog Pen Garden Bed
Cucumber Lebanese Mini into containers in poly box
Lettuce Rabbit Ear (from a seed saver in Melbourne)
Lettuce Goldrush Organic
Lettuce Red Velvet
Lettuce All Year
Lettuce Salad Mixed
Basil Purple
Basil Sweet
Fennel Florence Organic
Chamomile Annual
Parsley Curled
Coriander Mexican
Winter Savory
Toothache Plant (Spilanthes acmelia) from a seed saver
Nasturtium Ladybird
Native Everlasting Pink
Sunflower Prado Red
Sunflower Evening Sun
Fragrant Saltbush (Rhagodia parabolica)

Some White African Sorghum seeds arrived via a seed saver in Alice Springs through the Seed Savers Network last week.
I shall prepare a bed for them in the Workshop Garden so they will be there when the chooks go back in at the end of summer. This area also has sunflowers and purslane growing for the chooks as well as gramma, squash, potatoes, tomatoes and egg plants in different beds.

We were expecting a hot day today and we've got it. Predicted top of 36C slightly cooler tomorrow at 31C but right up to 38C (that's 100F) during this coming week not very good for planting young seedlings out without lots of shade protection.


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