Saturday, 11 November 2006

Garden Log

Yesterday (Friday 10 Nov) and this morning it was Moon Planting time for Root Crops and this includes trees and perennials. Last night after work I planted the Meyer Lemon and Valencia Seedless Orange trees I had mail ordered from Diggers Club earlier this year. I had prepared (dug over, cleared and watered) the sites beforehand so all I needed to do was dig a small hole and plant.

This morning Hubby helped me put up a fence in the Almond Area Chook Run for the other citrus tree. This time it was a Tangelo Minneola and this site had been prepared earlier also (except that the chooks kept filling in the holes I dug).

With the trees in place it was time to plant some Companion Plants for them. For each new tree I chose a Strawberry Guava (Psidium littorale var. longipes) (cuttings I had taken last year) as guavas are companion plants for citrus. Other plants where chosen that would grow quickly and provide shelter by next winter; White Lavender and Rosemary, Coprosma repens and Euryops pectinatus, some plants to attract beneficial insects; Queen Anne's Lace, Erigeron daisy, Clary Sage and Yarrow, and Feverfew and a Variegated Society Garlic for pest insect deterrents.
With the Tangelo in the Almond area I also planted Ruby Saltbush (Enchylaena tomentosa) as it's a chicken forage native plant with edible berries.

I still had some time left so I planted potatoes; 10 Brownell and 1 King Edward into the bed frame in the Workshop Garden Area and 4 Bismarks into an old dryer tub that is used as a pot in the Tank Bed Gardens.

Latest weather forecast has a 90% chance of 5-10mm of rain today and 50% chance of 1-5mm tomorrow. Yaaah! Hopefully that should water everything in nicely.

Five of the 12 "Egg Collective" chooks that helped un-dig my holes.

My Stella Cherries are nearly ready, good job we put the bird net on last weekend.

The Apricots on this seedling tree are ripening first this year.

Noticed the first Lebanese Cucumber on the vine this morning.

Comfrey is loving this weather it will really take off if we get some decent rain tonight.


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