Wednesday, 8 November 2006

First Post

Welcome to Scarecrow's experimental Garden.
I grow mainly edible plants with some native Australian plants and unusual herbs for beneficial insect and bird attraction and also wind protection.
I try lots of different methods. Mainly single rotated beds with max of 2 or 3 types of vegetables in each,
usually companions.
With warmer/drier conditions becoming the norm here I have to develop new strategies to cope.

Things I do include
  • Mulch heavily and cover beds with shade cloth to lower evaporation levels.
  • Don't spray anything except liquid foliar feeds.
  • Plant edge beds of beneficial insect attracting herbs, plants etc.
  • Make compost and keep worms.
  • Incorporate chooks (chickens) in my garden.
  • Battle earwigs every spring.
  • Try to build soil health to keep everything healthy enough to survive our hot summers (and frosty winters).
  • Green manure beds in winter.
  • I Companion Plant and Plant by the Moon whenever possible.


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