Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Distant Rumblings

Yesterday was No Water Monday, "Monday For the Murray" as they like to say. On current our water restrictions (soon to change again) we are allowed to use sprinklers (I don't use or have any, anyway) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays because we live in an even numbered house. Those that live in an odd numbered house can sprinkle on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and Monday is left for the Murray, the river we (and many others in SA) get our water from.
With extremely hot temperatures forecast for the rest of the week not watering yesterday was not a comfortable thought.
In the morning Thunder began rumbling in the distance.... then huge thunderstorm drops of rain began to fall!!! A very quick downfall but maybe more to come??

The birds were all happy that it topped up their bird bath but even though there was another storm overnight we barely recorded 1 mm... But they are forecasting more storms for Thursday this week albeit with 37C degree temps... Argh


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